Our company

Our company was born as an enterprising dream of fusioning adquired knowledge during years of formation, professionalism and constancy.

Since its initiation it has been dedicated to merchandising and supply of aeronautic parts, specialized components, spare parts, maintenance and in general all related with the aeronautic sector and security and defense.

Our objective is put to your service all our adquired experience for more than 20 years in the aeronautic sector as our main value, which allow us combine and apply the concept ,theory and practice of the different sectors in order to offer advisory and integral support to everyone of our customers.

Our main office is located in the United States (Miami, Fl) near the Executive Airport of Miami (Tamiami) and to the International Miami Airport, besides we count with contact spots in Latin America (Colombia and Bolivia) and Europe (Spain) that let us to extend our range and coverage in the different contracting areas.

We offer training, engineering studies compound and maintenance, that supported with the continuous work and develop with our associated highly qualified and certified allow us to offer high standards of quality in all our services.


Our compromise is being your best commercial and logistic allied supplying spare parts, advisory , training and maintenance in the aeronautic sector and defense offering an integral and personalized service to our customers


To be recognized at national and international level for its model of continuous improvement in the supply of inputs , maintenance services , advisory and training about aeronautic and defense sector